DIGITAL New Bloggers Planner & Workbook


Digital planner for bloggers who are just starting out on their blogging journey.




⭐Due to the size of this planner, you will receive a PDF with the direct link for you to receive your digital notebook.

⭐ This digital planner is compatible with any PDF annotator app including but not limited to, Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, and other similar apps.

⭐ Please make sure to save a copy of the file to your computer and Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other place you keep backups, so you can reuse this undated planner over and over again.


🤯 I remember how lost I felt when I decided to venture into blogging. I took a crap ton of overpriced blogging courses that were somewhat of a regurgitation of each other.

🦻The one constant these blogging gurus told me was which platform to use, who I should select as my hosting service, and what email provider I should use. The thing is; none of the companies they told me to use work for me.

🧚I often wished I had the tools at the time that gave me some direction on what to look for when deciding upon my hosting company, email providers, and so on.

👩🏻‍💻After being asked by so many new wonderful ladies and gentlemen who wanted to start blogging but felt, lost…dazed…confused, I decided to help by offering a very cost-effective way to help YOU determine what hosting service, blogging platform, email provider, theme, branding, etc, YOU feel comfortable using.

🛩 The thing is, it’s your blog and it’s your journey. My digital blogging workbook/planner is designed to reduce your overwhelm while assisting you in getting your blogging journey off on the right path.

📓If you’re just starting out blogging or are considering starting a blog, this will be one of the best purchases you will have made during your blogging journey.

Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. I get it. I started several blogs over the years and through all the blogging courses I’ve taken, not one of them laid out a foundation for me to choose which blogging platform, host, or theme I needed. I was pretty much at a loss for that. They’ll help you learn how to blog, but they always seem to graze over the fact, not everyone understands how to select a blog host, theme, or platform. Most will tell you just to pick whichever one they’re an affiliate for.

That’s putting them in control of your blog journey, when in fact, it’s your journey. Only you can decide what is the best fit for you and your blog.

Included in the blog journey planner workbook, you will find the following worksheets to help you determine:

⭐ Choosing a hosting comparison worksheet (compare up to 3 on each sheet)
⭐ Blogging Platform comparison
⭐Selecting a theme
⭐ Niche worksheet
⭐Blog name worksheet (which includes an area to jot down the cost per domain provider)
⭐Branding – Colors, fonts, and logos you’re considering
⭐Email provider comparison – compare up to 6 email providers
⭐Blog expenses – boo..hiss..we hate that, but it’s par for the course, right?
⭐Blogging goals
⭐Blogging resources

This blogging planner/workbook was designed with a new blogger who is just starting out on their blogging journey.

This is a digital planner that works with PDF annotation apps, such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc. You can also print this planner out if you so choose.

My planners are designed to enhance and boost your mood using bright colors and a heaping spoonful of cuteness. Let’s be real here; life and planning aren’t much fun without looking at something that makes us smile.





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