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    DIGITAL Cleaning & Decluttering Planner


    If you want to gain some control and dominate the clutter and mess in your home this decluttering and cleaning planner will help you accomplish and focus on the key aspects of cleaning and decluttering which overwhelm and stifle your progress when it comes to getting your cleaning & decluttering under control.

    To be used with a PDF annotation app such as but not limited to Goonotes.


    DIGITAL Recipe Book


    Are you tired of having all your recipes scattered all over your home, and through several different recipe-keeping apps? Do you struggle to find the exact recipe you’re looking for? Enter the most dynamic digital recipe book you’ll ever want. Not only is it stinking cute, but it holds 1,536 recipes. Got more than that? No problem, just copy the pages and your recipe collection will grow with you!

    DIGITAL Recipe Book for PDF annotation devices such as Goodnotes


    DIGITAL Homemakers Joy


    This digital household resource guide for Goodnotes is your one-stop homemaking resource guide. This is the most extensive resource guide that all homemakers need. There are over 260 tips and guides for cooking, meal prep, food storage, cooking temperature charts, cleaning checklists, homemade non-toxic cleaning recipes, laundry care, stain removal guides, combined and so much more.

    This digital homemaker’s bible is to be used with a PDF annotation device such as Goodnotes.


    DIGITAL Houseplant Planner


    This digital houseplant planner is perfect for all plant parents. By using this digital plant planner you can expect to: Help you stay on top of all your plants’ needs and gain a better view of the care they require. Know exactly the care requirements of your plant without having to constantly seek out information on your particular plant during a “plant emergency”. Know when you last fertilized your plants to prevent over-fertilization. Troubleshoot those pesky pest problems, by keeping abreast of your plant’s health.

    This is a PDF Planner to be used with a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes.


    DIGITAL Sloth Ultimate Life Planner – Undated


    Escape your daily life. Take a journey to the tropical rainforest where the friendly sloth will be waiting to greet you. Together you will sit, sipping some freshly brewed tea while the sloth snacks on his cecropia leaves. Both you and the sloth will set out on a course to plan your life the way you chose to live it.

    This undated sloth-inspired digital ultimate life planner will keep your life organized.

  • undated digital essential planner

    DIGITAL Undated Planner


    Undated Essential Digital Planner for Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or any PDF annotation device.