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    DIGITAL Houseplant Planner


    This digital houseplant planner is perfect for all plant parents. By using this digital plant planner you can expect to: Help you stay on top of all your plants’ needs and gain a better view of the care they require. Know exactly the care requirements of your plant without having to constantly seek out information on your particular plant during a “plant emergency”. Know when you last fertilized your plants to prevent over-fertilization. Troubleshoot those pesky pest problems, by keeping abreast of your plant’s health.

    This is a PDF Planner to be used with a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes.


    Soil Tester Tracker


    Not all soils work for every plant. Keep track of how your plants react to new soil.

  • Weekly Watering Checklist


    These adorable printables will help keep you on track when it comes to watering your plants.

  • Printable Houseplant tracking guide

    Houseplant Toolkit – PRINTABLE


    Keep all your indoor plants healthy and happy by staying on track with their preferred lighting, watering, fertilizing, repotting schedule, and so much more.